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For a little bit of background information, Maïa Baudelaire is the first cousin of Michel Pomey, founder of the Fondation de France in 1969 at the initiative of André Malraux and General De Gaulle.

Who are we?

The Maïa Baudelaire Foundation is a philanthropic foundation created in September 2019 and hosted by the Fondation de France.

Born into a family of expats, Maïa Baudelaire was quickly exposed to a world of different cultures. From an early age, she witnessed political unrest and extreme poverty in a number of countries. These experiences led her to choose a university course in the United States in Human Nutrition and Ecology. After that, she worked for years in the fields of health and nutrition, spending a considerable amount of time in the heart of Nepal.

The aim of the Foundation is to help some of the most deprived people in Nepal by reducing social inequalities, and by supporting and funding local educational projects in the Valley of Kathmandu (Khokana).
The Foundation wants to have an impact on 4 levels:

Child and Mother Nutrition
The environment
Artistic expression
New technologies

What are our spheres of action?

Focused on a number of core issues, nutrition, plays a vital role for Maïa Baudelaire and remains at the heart of the Foundation's actions. Its mission is to basically provide pregnant women and children in need with all the resources necessary to ensure the optimal physiological and intellectual development of both mother and her offspring. Maïa is also looking to set up a nutritional education program which will include the making of vegetable gardens (permaculture), often associated with organic poultry micro-farms. The objective of this program is to develop food autonomy and limit malnutrition with all the consequences it generates. Maia chose two countries to undertake these programs: Nepal, a country close to her heart and Morocco, a country where Maia’s parents have lived for several years now.

Covid-19: Health and food emergency

Given the current situation with COVID-19, we have set up an emergency fundraiser to help the Nepalese people in the Kathmandu valley and the Moroccan people in the Essaouira region.

The consequences of COVID-19 are not limited to France; today there are hundreds of thousands of people who, every day, are finding it difficult to eat with their countries’ economies completely shut down. Since remote working is not possible everywhere, farming families, cabinet makers and craftspeople are struggling to feed their families.

How can you help us?

This is why we are appealing to YOU ​​today, as a fully nourished person, for a donation in accordance with your means, - does it really have a price?

The Fondation de Maïa Baudelaire is donating 10% of the revenue generated from the purchase of any nutritional program from the Maia Baudelaire Method to the Saha Yogi association and the Aït Hassine association in Morocco.
You can also donate directly via the link below: Donate

« A smile costs nothing, but it creates a lot. »
We are counting on you.

To know:
Your donation is deductible up to:

  • 66% of your income tax, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income
  • 75% of your IFI, up to a reduction of €50,000
  • 60% of corporate tax, within the limit of a €20,000 donation or 0.5% of your turnover

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